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"When Quality Counts"


Welcome to our website!
Welcome to Peninsula Hospital Services, Inc. We have provided quality linen services to our customers since 1976. We are situated on an eight acre campus in Newport News, Virginia and offer full-service textile management solutions to customers across a wide geographic area in Virginia, North Carolina and Maryland. Our "Total System Concept" helps to maintain quality while minimizing bottom line costs. Our focus is delivering customer satisfaction!

Whether you are looking for a linen rental service, on-site staffing or management of your linen department, PHS is your first choice when quality counts. Our services stand out from others because of our commitment to our customers, our employees, quality products and our expertise in delivering linen services.

What can PHS do for you?
   We offer a unique approach to textile management:
  • Our Primary Objective is minimizing the Bottom Line Cost of Service to the Customer.
  • Our competitors address only the Processing Cost on a "We Can Do It Cheaper" basis, ignoring the other elements of cost..........
PHS is committed to the "Total System Concept" regarding laundry and linen management services. We believe the laundry and linen management process should be an integral part of a total linen system which monitors the linen from the user areas...to the laundry....and back to the user areas. In addition, we believe the real savings result from better management of the in-facility portion of the system. This concept has been so successful for us that we have developed a contract linen department-management division where we actually manage the in-facility linen distribution process in healthcare facilities. Since you have come this far to find us and you are still reading, you are probably in search of ways to reduce the cost of linen and laundry service without negatively impacting service quality. We encourage you to click around our site and if you like what you see, please contact us for more information.
Telephone: (757) 874-0406
Fax: (757) 874-7342

Postal Address:
1148 Old Denbigh BLVD

Newport News, VA 23602