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Healthcare Linen Management 101

Is this your linen situation?

Institutional Linen Management can be a daunting task!!!

    Since you are reading this page you are likely concerned about the cost of linen service in your facility. If you are currently using the PHS System then you most likely rent your linens. In other words, you pay PHS a set fee each time you use one of their linen items. You are faced with managing the costs associated with this linen service and PHS provides you with many tools to accomplish this task. If your linen related costs are out of control or you are simply interested in minimizing the cost of your linen service then perhaps you should continue reading.......................


Let's take a look at the cost of linen service........

    The total cost of linen service can be broken down into the following components:

Processing - Cost of cleaning and preparing linens

Consumption - Linen Usage per Work Unit

Replacement - Inventory Acquisition Cost per Work Unit

Distribution/Collection - Employee Costs

Processing cost is essentially the price per clean linen pound that you incur for Washin' and Squashin' (Transportation, Cleaning, and Finishing). There is little to nothing that a software linen management system can do to affect this component of cost. PHS strives to keep this rate as low as possible for the members of the cooperative because minimization of this component of linen service cost is essential to your success. Linen processing cost can be thought of in the same way as the price per gallon that you pay for gasoline.

The Consumption Cost Component can be defined as "the quantity of linens used to get the job done". Just as a child might use a dozen paper towels to clean a spill that a more judicious adult could handle with a single towel, so can unsound linen usage practices cause elevated linen consumption rates and associated costs. This is where a software linen management system can provide the greatest benefit. By employing frugal but intelligent distribution tactics and using information that the automated system can provide to identify and attack atypical and problematic usage situations, the customer can lower the probability that linens will be misused, overused, stolen, and misplaced.

Replacement is the industry buzzword for the cost of inventory procurement and sustenance. Although you do not own the linens that you use and therefor do not have to pay to procure an inventory, you are still held responsible for inventory that is issued to you by PHS. You must reimburse PHS when linen that is issued to you is lost or damaged. You can monitor this activity and use the tools on this site to keep these costs to a minimum.

The Distribution and Collection Cost Component is the cost of labor to distribute clean linen, collect soiled linen, and manage the process. An automated system can collect, assemble and report on this cost component. Worker costs can be calculated, stored, and contrasted with work unit information in the same manner as replacement costs. The PHS system will allow you to store this data so that you can compare it to your linen usage and work unit volume.


How can we get control of linen costs?........

     1. Secure the inventory!!!



                                        Calculate & Record Linen Movement using the PHS-Linen Helper System!!!


   + 3. Use information to educate and train staff!!!



You can achieve the lowest possible linen service cost if you use the PHS-LinenHelper System to assist you with these three tasks. Take a look and contact us for more information if you are ready to get control of your linen costs........    LinenHelperNet